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National Lottery - Covid 19 Support Fund

Thanks to the support from National Lottery’s Covid 19 Support fund we have completed an EFL programme with 10 children. These children all did fantastically well and achieved some great results. All of the children enjoyed the programme.

  • 80% of the children showed overall improvements in emotional and behavioural regulation

  • 50% of children found it easier to cope at school

  • 60% of children found it easier to cope with disappointment and to see understand how other people were feeling.


National Lottery - Further Funding

After this we have had further funding from the National Lottery Awards for All scheme. We were able to get 10 more children through the EFL programme, and these children achieved great results and thoroughly enjoyed the programme.

  • 90% showed improvements in behavioural and emotional regulation

  • 90% found it easier to manage conflict with family, authority and/or peers

  • 90% found coping with change easier

  • 70% found coping at school easier

  • 70% also found it easier to recognise their own feelings

  • 60% of children found it easier to see how someone else was feeling

  • 50% of children found it easier to cope with disappointment.

An exciting new EFL programme with some of the children from Spring Brook Academy’s Upper and Lower School. All of the children have really enjoyed themselves and had some great outcomes


One Oldham (a fund set up to help the Oldham community)

  • 100% of the children reported enjoying their sessions

  • 100% of children and their teachers/ guardians would do the sessions again

  • 60% of teachers or guardians found overall improvements in the child

  • 80% of children found overall improvements in themselves

  • 80% of children showed improvements in emotional regulation

  • 70% of children showed improvements in school

  • 40% of children showed improvements in ability to cope with disappointment

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