Providing empowerment through horses

We use several different methods to assist people’s personal developments.  We believe in a holistic approach so people can benefit from several different areas of development.  We factor this into all of our programmes so people can get the best out of our programmes.  Below are some examples of what we offer.

Equine Facilitated Learning


Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) uses exercises with horses to help learn new skills and assist self-development. EFL focuses on the present and the future and does not look at past issues. Some of these skills include (but are not limited to): Communication; Teamwork; Healthy and appropriately expressing emotions; Self-awareness; Confidence; Understanding the points of view of others; Understanding how we perceive ourselves and how accurate this is; Understanding how we are perceived by others and how we perceive others and how to adapt this; Managing disagreements/conflicts; Resilience.


EFL works as horses are emotionally sensitive animals who do not judge someone by their past or their situation, and respond to people purely based on their behaviour, emotions and current demeanour.  Horses are also very good at understanding and responding to clients’ emotional needs, will quickly respond to changes in a clients behaviour, emotions and/or demeanour rather than holding onto a preconceived idea or first impression.  This gives people chance to adapt their behaviour and see the results in a safe and supportive environment.  Horses will also emotionally support the client throughout the process.  The human facilitator helps to set exercises that assist a client towards their goal, and help the client to understand the horses reactions and discuss the potential impact for the client.

connections with horses



Psychotherapy-  Psychotherapy helps clients by: Working with psychological barriers / issues that are preventing clients moving forward; Processing past issues / traumas that may arise; Develop confidence and self esteem; Develop potential and Develop Interpersonal skills.  Psychotherapy can be in individual sessions, or done in group sessions.

Skills Training


We team up with a business called Stratus Associates, Business Skills Communication Company that focuses on professional development, working with a range of clients, from people trying to gain employment to high level management.  This business provides skills training for our clients.  Stratus uses lots of activities to help keep people motivated and get people involved in their own learning, and help people experience and practice these skills in a safe environment.